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KIDpreneurship course modules will help kids to  develop the entrepreneurial attitudes, skills and knowledge which, in short, should enable a kid to ‘turn ideas into action. 

The course will develop main entrepreneurial skill that help them take initiative, e.g. communication, creativity and collaboration.

Children coloring

Important aspect, that the project has to take into account is training teachers to be a good entrepreneurship teachers.They have a central role, as they have a strong impact on the attainment of kids. The E-learning module will be modern, it will follow a flexible and adaptable study plan and prefer interdisciplinary, project-based learning; using training material rather than "textbook type material"

Teacher and Kids in Library



Teachers and schools will not be able to realise their ambitions without cooperation and partnerships with colleagues, businesses and other stakeholders.  Teacher there, meet regularly and exchanging experiences, know-how,  teaching material and meet real entrepreneurs that inspire them. 

People During Workshop
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