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All partners of the project met for the first time on November 3rd, 2020. Although it was intended to meet in Riga, pandemic made its corrections and it was an online meeting in Zoom platform. 

Partners got to know each other with informative presentations, partners had a fruitful discussion on first steps to be done in development of intellectual outputs as well got on one track in terms of administrative requirements. 

It was agreed, to have the next working meeting on 4th of December and by that time to have basic frameworks of KIDPRENEURSHIP courses. 

Kick_off Meeting ScreenShot.png

Second time partners met as well on ZOOM platform, on 4th of DecemberFramework of the KIDPRENEURSHIP module was presented and partners had a very fruitful discussion on next steps in the development of the course modules. 

Partners agreed to brainstorm ideas for activities individually and then meet on 22nd of January to discuss the results and work on arrangement of activities

Screenshot 2020-12-04 at 11.05.17.png

On 22nd of January, 2021 all partners had third working meeting. A very valuable one!! During December and January we all brainstormed ideas for activities that will help to develop KIDPRENEURS. We have more than 40 ideas for activity blocks for kids aged 5-7years and almost 45 ideas for activity blocks for kids aged 8-10!! Great effort and so much great inspiring ideas to work on further!! 

Next meeting is set to be on 17th of February, 2021.

Screenshot 2021-01-22 at 11.08.28.png

On 25th of February, 2021 all partners had fourth working meeting. During February partners have voted for the activities that they like the most for each Intellectual Output. Having the voting results in mind Future Focus and Patrizio Paoletti Foundation has made the final list of activities for IO1 (20 activities)  and IO2 (30 activities) and distributed them among partners for the further development. Partners have the whole spring and and a bit of the summer start to develop materials for all activities for both Intellectual Outputs so that in the beginning of the new school year partners can start testing materials developed.  Everyone extremely motivated to roll further and work on material development

Next meeting is set to be on 16th of April, 2021.

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