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Entrepreneurship education is the ability to identify opportunities in order to transform them into economic or social value for the community that includes skills such as creativity, communication and the ability to manage resources, and much more. The set of activities will develop entrepreneurial skills that help kids take initiative, e.g. communication skills, creativity skills, collaboration skills, critical-thinking skills and project management skills. The course is composed of 24 activities aimed at kids of age group of 5-7 years old and 30 activities for the kids 8 - 10 years old. The activities consist of games, guided experiences, activities and specific tasks to be carried out in class and to be realized mainly in groups: each activity is dedicated to the development of one or more skills important for Entrepreneurial Mind-Set. 


All project activities are very different from each other and differ in timing, dynamics, materials, and obviously objectives. The various proposed activities may be moderately adapted depending on the logistical and temporal circumstances present in the classroom and at the time of the activities as well to the development of kids, as although the age gap for each of groups is only 2 years, kids do develop very rapidly in this gap.  


The Partnership advises you to plan the activities in advance by sourcing the relevant materials and finding the most suitable location to carry out the activities. It is therefore possible to apply slight flexibility to the execution of activities while still maintaining the main goal!

The offered sequence of activities is optional, You can use the activities in their preferred sequence, it is not mandatory to execute all activities. Each activity solely is beneficial to the development of the Entrepreneurial Mind-Set of kids.

On the right You can download the complete set of all activities, supported with guiding descriptions of all skills these activities help to improve. Below You can click on every skill and explore its description and see separate activities. 

P.S. If You want to download the activity descriptions when the description is opened, in Your browser look for "Export PDF" option.

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