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IO3 Result - Interactive E-learning modules to mentor teachers

Module 1 - Overall about Entrepreneurial Mindset

This module will provide You the chance to learn more about the principles of entrepreneurship. Beginning with the history of entrepreneurship and proceeding to a contemporary perspective on entrepreneurship... Do You want to know how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset? You will also be able to learn about it here! 

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Module 2 - Curiosity

Curiosity is a crucial aspect of learning, as well as in creating business ideas. It is one of the most important abilities for leaders to have. Curiosity can help You become more successful! 

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Module 3 - Creativity

Creativity is defined as the capacity to think beyond the box and come up with new and unique ideas, techniques, or items. Creativity is required in almost every aspect of business, from painting a house to running a firm.

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Module 4 - Learning from Mistakes
Our views about mistakes prevent us from developing a deeper relationship with life. The dread of making such mistakes confines us to the extremely small comfort zone of the familiar. If You're looking forward to new experiences and prospects for progress, You’ll be less inclined to fall back on the notion of a mistake! 

Module 5 - Initiative

Initiative is a self-management skill, and self-management is one of key life and work skills for successful professionals. You will be able to go ahead of the competition if You take the initiative. People who take the initiative frequently earn honors and promotions because they come up with novel and valuable ideas! 

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Module 6 - Teamwork and Communication

No matter what business You operate in, the ability to communicate effectively with superiors, coworkers, and staff is crucial. These communication skills can help You grow in Your business, and be successful. Communication is also one of the most important qualities for a successful business to have!

Module 7 - Goal Setting

Goal-setting is a deliberate and clear process that begins with the selection of a new aim, skill, or project that You intend to fulfill. Then You design a plan to accomplish it and work relentlessly to see it through. Look through this Module to learn more about Goal-setting!

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