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Ralitsa Rumenova
Nov 18, 2022
In Activities for Older Kids
A wonderful way to create engagement by letting kids experience virtual business environment and real life situations is playing board games. It is applicable both at home and at school environment. There are variety of games connected with developing entrepreneurial mind set in kids. One of the most popular games in the field is Monopoly. This fast-dealing property trading game has been around for over a century in many versions while the basic rules have remained the same. The endgame here is to make every other player on the board go bankrupt by buying and trading as many properties and developing them into houses and hotels. Players have to strategise to collect rent from their opponents and manage cash flow. This game's sole motive is to kill any competition entering the market. In the last years in Bulgaria was created the board game Monety ( Monety is a card game suitable for children 7+ years old to learn the basis of financial literacy in a fun and engaging way. There are set of cards with financial terms to study and also cards with tasks to perform. It is recommended for playing at home. Probably there are lots of useful board games in different countries to boost entrepreneurial skills in children. What are the favourite ones of children in your country?

Ralitsa Rumenova

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