Kid's Drawings


Entrepreneurship is an absolute "must-have" skill in now days tech-dominated world. However one of the struggles is that, usually it is started to teach quite late, not in the early age, when mind-set is being formed and schools  should produce kids who tinker, make, experiment, collaborate, question, and embrace failure as an opportunity to learn. And schools must be staffed with passionate teachers who are not just prepared to foster creativity, perseverance, and empathy, but are responsible for ensuring kids develop these skills.

Another important aspect, that the project will take into account is training teachers to be a good entrepreneurship teachers.They have a central role, as they have a strong impact on the attainment of kids. Reflective teachers keep their practice under constant review and adjust it in the light of desired learning outcomes and of the individual needs of kids. As a key competence, entrepreneurship does not necessarily involve a specific school subject, it rather requires a way of teaching in which experiential learning and project work have a main role.


  • Development and implementation of innovative practices of teaching Entrepreneurship for children starting from age of 5 years.

  • Increase sense of initiative and entrepreneurship among children starting from age of 5 years.